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Retailers know customers are loyal, but only up to a point. If they get

disappointed with the experience on more than one occasion,

they’re going to switch brands pretty quickly.


When you shop online you can rate the service and the products in the e-commerce store,

but this is not possible when you shop in a retail store.

Consumer Advocate makes sharing and amplifying your service and shopping experiences in brick and mortar stores possible too.

Share Your Shopping Experience

Not About Ratings

Experiences Matter. Share Yours. Good or bad.
The state of the retail industry is no longer about what the retailer needs, but what the customer wants.


Consumer Advocate uses RetailBlitz technology to ensure retailers and the shopping public are aware of your shared  retail shopping and service experiences –  good and bad.

Share your experiences on the Customer Advocate Forum for free and Consumer Advocate makes your voice heard.

Share Your Shopping Experience

Share Your Product Experiences Too

"Awesome product " "I feel ripped off!" "Tastes great but..."

Whether its a new shampoo, a bar of chocolate or a skin care device Consumer Advocate helps you share your product experiences too.


Best of all the Consumer Advocate bias free forum uses social media leverage to amplify your experiences to everyone.


Your Shared Experiences Help Make Retailers and Suppliers Accountable  


Share Your Product Experience

Real People. Real Reviews. Real Experiences

Get Results

No need to ‘suffer in silence’ or revel in success alone. Share your experience, read other’s experiences and be a part of changing accountability in retail outlets. Consumer Advocate amplifies your experiences to everyone. Change is coming.


Consumer Advocate  helps you shop better in retail outlets through shared experiences . Giving consumers direct and free access to “experience-data” to make purchaing decisions aligned to service and quality levels in retail outlets.


Consumer Advocate is not owned by any retailers. Our goal is to notify the public, service provider and retailers when good and bad things happen in brick and mortar stores – so staff can be rewarded and improvements made.

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