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Our Mission:

Consumer Advocate provides an online forum and uses RetailBlitz technology to amplify consumers’ experiences with retailers and service providers to prompt better service and recognise great work.

We all work hard. We have a lot of retail and service choices to spend this hard earned money.

Retailers and service providers that still believe the retail industry is about their needs and not the customer are doomed. 

Consumer Advocate believes great service and products should be recognised just as much as the terrible.

  • Our Mission is to build Australia’s largest, free, retail shopping and services forum to give consumers a voice to share these experiences openly.
  • Our goal is to provide a free platform to amplify these experiences to retailers, service providers and other consumers to encourage product and service improvements and guide consumers to better retail purchasing decisions in brick and mortar stores.



We’ve all shopped and we’ve all experienced exceptional and terrible shopping and service experiences.

Retailers are sophisticated, smart operators with significant insight and data about the good and bad experiences customers have in their retail outlets.

But consumers don’t have access to this ‘experience-data’ which would help make more informed purchasing decisions in retail outlets and select smarter from available service providers.

“The retail sector has, much like a pendulum, swung back and the focus for retailers is now back on bricks and mortar stores, with many looking to technology to not only give them that competitive edge, but also the ability to blend the online and offline world into a seamless omni-channel retail experience.”

“Though Australian consumers are price and convenience driven, they are also pragmatic and are willing to switch shopping with a retailer if they know they will receive a better customer experience elsewhere.”

Source: 2017 Australian Retailer Technology Review

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Retail Remains Relevant:

Even in the face of growing online sales, retail remains relevant with many retailers now pushing toward omni-channel, cross platform shoppipng expereinces.

That is, online and bricks and mortar shopping excpereinces are becoming more personalised and consumer targetting across platforms is becoming commonplace with rapid technology developments.

Additionally, more than 10% of the Australian population is employed in a retail outlet and the overall services sector in Australia accounts for 70% of all employment.

Its important for Australians that retailers do their best when it comes to rewarding staff and making adjustments to maximise the retail expereince.

We beleive Consumer Advocate will help provide both in the long term.


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